Velvet Botox “6D” for Eyelashes • peptide fillers plus • 30 ml

Velvet Botox “6D” for Eyelashes • peptide fillers plus • 30 ml

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Botox 6D

An absolutely independent product that does not require the final stages of the Lash Lift procedure.


  • Whole Botox “3D” cocktail
  • Fixing complex with silk proteins
  • Active peptides

Peptides are millions of times smaller than protein and penetrate into the deepest layers of “living cells”. They are not only filling the necessary areas as amino acids of proteins do but also start the process of self-regulation and cell regeneration. That is, when peptides enter the cell, their state is determined, after which the rate of destruction (apoptosis) is reduced and its endurance is increased. Now the eyelashes and eyebrows are filled with keratin, collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid from the inside + protected by a silk protein carcass from the outside, and hair cells are activated for further regeneration.

As always - a feature of biochemists and technologists of our company is an understanding of a deep, prolonged approach to recovery. And creating a unique professional complex for work in the salon, we do not forget to offer your customers the possibility of further improving at home in the form of balanced homemade cocktails for eyelashes and eyebrows.

Please yourself and your customers with new opportunities of the lash & browse industry.