Eyelash Lift and Tint Course & Training

Eyelash Lift and Tint Course & Training

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The procedure Velvet for L&B should be carried out only by a professional master who has been trained! It’s the only way to guarantee a truly stunning and lasting effect of the procedure.

Advantages and differences “Velvet For Lashes&Brows”

What are the main advantages and differences of “ Velvet For Lashes&Brows” from other procedures for natural eyelashes:

All services in their own way are good for creating an aesthetic effect and/or one-time care on the eyelashes. The main thing, and the PRINCIPAL DIFFERENCE of the service «Velvet For Lashes&Brows” from all other procedures for natural eyelashes is that it is the FIRST SERVICE IN THE WORLD, CREATING NOT ONLY THE BRIGHT VISUAL EFFECT (the eyelashes become volumetric, visually long, dyed, with lifting from the root and shine along the entire length), but also RESTORES EYELASHES at a MOLECULAR LEVEL from the roots to the tips, which provides not only a bright visual transformation of eyelashes and eyebrows but also significantly increases their number and length.

This training course focuses on acquiring the skills of the procedure Velvet for L&B. It also explains some of the nuances and possible issues that can arise both from the master and the client. It’s not a secret for anyone that success awaits the master who has a superb technique and is able to properly perform a procedure and can also answer all the questions that may arise and dispel the client's doubt. A high-quality procedure and courtesy in relation to the client is a good profit basis by increasing the number of visits and loyalty to the salon/technician. The product is developed in the UK. 

Theoretical Part Eyelash Lift training: 

  • definition of the procedure ”Velvet for L&B”. Features of the procedure (limitations, timing, contraindications, etc).

  • advantages and differences “Velvet for L&B” from other procedures for natural eyelashes.

  • the uniqueness of the composition “Velvet for L&B” (limitations, contraindications, etc). *review of materials and preparation of the workplace.

  • safety technology. Antiseptic / Aseptic.

  • marketing of the procedure. 

Practical Part:

  • hand setting

  • step-by-step performance of the procedure "Velvet for L&B" on one model

  • identification and correction of student errors *hands-on two LIVE models by each student

Additional benefits Velvet for L&B” for masters and customers:

the procedure is not only for the upper eyelashes but also for the lower, as well as for the eyebrows

the eyelashes are NO longer bristly since there is NO SILICONE in the composition.

now there are no twisted and broken eyelashes, only a smooth bend.

absence of the "WET EFFECT" immediately after the procedure

high service price, but low cost

easy to do the procedure (no syringes, kneading, degreasing)

London training program and international certificates

advertising support for each master

More about Velvet L&B procedure

All the procedures before that were created solely to restore the structure of the already grown eyelash and had no effect on the roots since there was no drug activating the bulb. The new service “Velvet For Lashes&Brows” has a special composition-GROW ACTIVATOR, which opens and stimulates the hair follicles. After that, even sleeping bulbs begin to work. A Molecular Essence (VELVET ESSENCE) introduces A special amino keratin complex and fixes it inside into the stock, rod, and hair follicles of the eyelashes, but even this will not allow the result to linger if after the procedure it ceases to act on the activated ciliated roots and bulbs as there is a constant renewal due to the division of hair follicle cells.

The uniqueness of the procedure is that it does not end up in the salon, the special home intensive regenerating composition (HOME OIL COCKTAIL) is given absolutely to every client, which the customer begins to use in a couple of weeks at home this time, due to what the eyelash increase in the quantity and length.

Very Important to Know

The stimulation of eyelash growth without prolonged exposure to bulbs is not possible. A procedure that begins and ends in the salon, HAS NO INFLUENCE ON the GROWTH AND INCREASE of the number of eyelashes! There is, solely, the transformation of the already formed eyelashes, as well as it is impossible to accelerate the growth of hair and increase their number without prolonged exposure (rubbing) of special vitamin formulas and amino acids to the scalp.


Up to 2.5 months



Phytoestrogens-natural non-steroidal plant compounds, stimulate regeneration, protect cells from premature aging-bioenergetics to strengthen and grow eyelashes and eyebrows. Marine collagen-moisturizes, nourishes, and strengthens the hair follicles, eliminates the fragility of eyelashes. Vitamin B - intensifies metabolic processes and regeneration of hair follicles. Nettle extract-strengthens the bulb of the eyelashes

“BOTOX 3D” (elastin plus)

  • due to the content of the most important hydrolyzed proteins KERATIN, COLLAGEN and ELASTIN:

  • fixes in the structure of eyelashes and eyebrows additional proteins and amino acids, which makes eyelashes and eyebrows as tight and elastic

  • the most powerful hydration due to the creation of a "breathing film" on hairs through which moisture is not evaporated for a long time

  • deep penetration and retention of all useful elements twice as long

PEPTIDES are millions of times smaller than proteins, therefore they penetrate into the deepest layers of "living cells". They do not just fill the necessary areas, as do the amino acids of proteins, but trigger the process of self-regulation and cell regeneration. That is, upon entering the cell, determine its state, and then reduce the rate of destruction (apoptosis) and increase its endurance. Now the eyelashes and eyebrows are filled with keratin, collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid from the inside + protected by a carcass of silk proteins from the outside, and hair cells are activated for further regeneration.


keratin, essential amino acids, oligopeptides of silk. Due to the low molecular weight, hydrolyzed silk protein (oligopeptides and essential amino acids) easily penetrates the structure of the eyelashes and eyebrows, instantly filling all the damages, cavities, and unevennesses, restoring softness, smoothness, and shine, and fibrillar complex proteins restore and strengthen the eyelashes and eyebrows.

HYALURONIC ACID (sodium hyaluronate) - moisturizing eyelashes and eyebrows, preventing brittleness

HYDROLYZED KERATIN-toning and restoration of damaged eyelashes and eyebrows from the inside


PANTHENOL - retention of moisture in the structure of the hairs of the eyelashes and eyebrows.

EXTRACT ILANG-ILANG - increasing the elasticity of the eyelashes, restoring the structure of the eyelashes

SACHET for home care «HOME OIL COCTAIL» -fibrillar complex enriched with oils:

Vitamin A(rethinks acetate) - amplifies the regeneration of hair follicle cells, so the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows intensifies makes the eyelashes and eyebrows elastic, resilient, and strong.

Vitamin E (Tocopherol acetate) -one of the most famous antioxidants, protects hair follicle cells from free radicals, and hence from premature aging, fills bulbs with oxygen.

Micro and macro elements, including calcium, iron, chrome, copper-regenerating, and antioxidant action - for growth and against the loss of eyelashes and eyebrows.

Natural insulin - activates the metabolism and maintains the health of the hair bulb.


Almond oil: giving shine, elasticity to the eyelashes (in its composition there are vitamins, proteins, glycerides, and oleic acid. Such a complex of active substances provides care, giving the eyelashes shine, elasticity, growth, and youth. Nourishing the skin from inside the oil stimulates the growth of new eyelashes.

Arian oil: nutrition and moisturizing of eyelash Due to its rich chemical composition and the presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids, this component nourishes the skin of the eyelids, stimulates the appearance of new hair follicles, strengthens the cuticles of already existing eyelashes.

Mascara “VELVET”

1. Reduces the restriction time after the VELVET reconstruction procedure to 6 hours. 

2. Enhances the effect of useful microelements after the procedure. 

3. It contains vitamin E, F, panthenol, silk proteins, and keratin. 

4. Great for daily home use, as it combines COMPLEX 3 in 1: volume + length + treatment! 

5. The deep rich black color with a light plastic texture 

6. Super price for direct deliveries from London! 

7. Hypoallergenic

All components included in VELVET for Lashes & Brows are 100% natural and do not contain alcohol and silicone! And also no allergenic components (Oils of Aloe-Faith, Odors and so other)

The cost of the 1-day training is $350. The starting kit is $350 (value $400) recommended for purchase, but not mandatory.

For confirmation of your participation, we require a deposit of $100 made by:

1. by email to everlashcalendar@gmail.com

2. With your credit card by calling 587-710-9245

3. In-person 3527 Tudor Glen, St. Albert. Monday - Friday with any staff member. If you would like to speak with Svetlana ( course instructor) please book an appointment. Starting kit includes (up to 40 clients and more).