Velvet Mini Kit for Eyelash Lift & Tint

Velvet Mini Kit for Eyelash Lift & Tint

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Pack includes:

🌟 Mascara Velvet, 1 pcs.
🌟 #1 (sculpturing lotion), 8 ml
🌟 #2 (volume fixer lotion), 8 ml
🌟 #3 (grow activator), 8 ml
🌟 Filling Serum 3D, 10 ml
🌟 #4 (velvet essence), 8 ml
🌟 Black tint
🌟 Oxidant

1st stage «aesthetic transformation»

Visual elongation, long-term staining of eyelashes, lengthening eyelashes, volume, gloss. The result can lasts up to 2,5 months.

2nd stage “activation of bulbs, restoration of hair follicles»

The impact on the roots of the eyelashes  with the growth activator containing phytoestrogens, by means of which dormant bulbs are activated, hair follicles are restored and stimulated.

3d stage «restoration of hairs and giving them an additional lift»

Keratin, collagen, and elastin, which are part of Filling Serum 3D, are embedded in the structure of the hair, which results in 100% restoration of the whole body of the eyelash. Filling takes place gradually in a completely natural way without replacing the existing proteins inside the mold, without missing or violating the natural structure of the eyelashes.

4th stage «fixation of useful elements at the molecular level»

Injecting to the trunk, stem, and hair follicles of eyelashes molecular peptide essence Velvet Essence & peptide. It covers each hair with a peptide complex Q1 (silk peptides) and seals it inside.

5th stage «stimulation of active growth and lengthening of eyelashes»

For prolongation and bright amplification of the effect after 1-2 weeks the client begins to use the home FIBRILLAR COMPLEX WITH ENRICHED OILS (Home oil cocktail), which you give him at the end of the procedure. To prolong and intensify the effect 2 weeks after the procedure, the client continues the exposure at home. And if after other procedures the result of the aesthetic transformation is subtle and the effect becomes weak with a passage of time, then in the Velvet procedure, on the contrary, a new stage of the eyelash transformation begins, increasing in eyelash length up to 30-40%, and in the amount up to 40-50%.